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Changes Ahead

Snake posted Dec 2, 14
As the new year approaches you'll notice some changes happen with the Crew. 

What are these changes? 

Well as those who play Destiny with or as members of the Crew will have noticed that the DLC Crew name has been changed! We are now known as the

Merry Band of Miscreants

Why the change? It's a reforging of our identity. We as a group have always been tied to another website whether it's been Gameplayer or rawDLC, now with new name we are going to stand on our own. Our ties to our friends will still remain but we wanted a name that better represented what we are as a group. Fun loving gamers who enjoy playing as a group. 

So over the next couple of weeks the Facebook page name will change along with the website headers and possibly the logo and finally in the new year after a vote the site URL will change. 

I look forward to changes and hope you do too. - Snake

It's Your Destiny

Snake posted Aug 23, 14  -  ClanDesintyDLC CREWPlaystationXbox

With Destiny almost here, its time to jump over to Bungie HQ and sign up for The DLC Crew clan in Destiny. Remember to click on the Set as Playstation clan button after you join the Crew otherwise you won't be part of the Crew "In-Game" Edit: Due to bungie resetting the Clans prior to the Game Launch. Everyone will need to hit the Set as Clan Button. Once the clan has been reactivated on the 9th

Soon the Theme of the site will be changed to a Destiny theme as I think we will be sinking a lot of hours into this game.

Jump over to the bungie site sign up and if you want to play this via Xbox let me know and I'll activate the Xbox side of the Clan for you.

adin75 Better get some of these other games finished before this takes over all of my gaming time.
Skater Are you able to make the pictures smaller? On my ipad the entire right side of the page is cut off, so I can't click on ...